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We have a corporate culture of thinking and challenging
in a different way to develop original and innovative beauty tools.

Eco-friendly management practice

To take the lead in ESG management, we are striving for Eco-friendly management through low-carbon corporate activities such as energy saving in production facilities, limiting heating and cooling temperature, and eco-friendly operation of business vehicles.

Commercialized USDA Eco-certified puff

We would like to fulfill our environmental responsibility by increasing the proportion of ECO PUFF production by using eco-friendly materials considering eco-friendliness. CHOUVEIL™ ECO PUFF, made with ingredients obtained by fermenting natural corn, is a natural material that has obtained the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Biobased Certification.

Establishment and Introduction of ethical regulations

Since 2021, we have made 'compliance with law and ethics' our top management principle and continually strived to carry out our business in a legitimate and ethical manner.

Expansion of hiring disabled workers

Since 2020, we have continuously hired additional disabled workers at each factory, creating more opportunities by doing various jobs where disabled and non-disabled people are connected.

Conducting external audits

Since 2017, we have been enhancing the fairness and transparency of accounting information through regular audits by independent external auditors, and especially since 2019, we have secured the reliability of financial information through by appointing an external auditor of Big 4 Accounting Firm (EY).