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20 years of industry experience has meticulously sharpened
our hand-crafted how and experience.

BLB corporation. has a original technology and differentiated manufacturing line accumulated with 20 years of know-how and experience in the beauty tool industry.

Our original technology and differentiated manufacturing line promise quality that exceeds the expectations of our customers, providing them with continuous competitiveness. In addition, all processes are thoroughly managed through QC/AC to comply with global regulations and brand policies.

We have the latest factory facilities in Korea and China, and we produce makeup puffs, sponges, and makeup tools.

Our main products include Rubycell Puff, Non-Latex Puff, Flocking Puff, NBR Puff, SBR Puff, Cotton Puff, NR Puff, Flocking Tip, etc.

We have a production CAPA of 100 million units per year based on Rubycell production.